Orthodontic Treatment

BraceswebDollarphotoclub_71840056Fixed Orthodontic Brackets    (Braces / Train tracks)

Free initial Consultation with Camilla

Some patients found that they hadn’t had braces when they were younger or are unable to meet the criteria for braces on the NHS.  When having braces on the NHS your teeth must meet a certain criteria to qualify i.e. a certain number of mm between your top and bottom teeth.  Some patients miss these criteria by 1mm or 2mm and are not happy with their smile.

We then decided that we needed to be able to offer this treatment privately for anyone who wanted it whether they meet a criteria or not.  Everybody should have a smile they are proud of a smile that increases their confidence.

The Process

Fixed appliances are used to straighten teeth.  The brackets are fixed to the tooth by the dentist with dental adhesive.  The wire which is very flexible is then fitted to the brackets and held in place with small elastic bands which help move the teeth to their desired position.

The brackets are made from Metal or clear Ceramic.  Many adults choose the clear ceramic option as it makes the brace less visible.

The cost of Orthodontic treatment will depend on the style of of brackets and how long it takes for your teeth to move.  Prices range from £1000- £2500 in severe cases.