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Quality dental implants at Chellaston Dental

We now offer right here Dental Implants in Chellaston they are a long lasting solution to missing teeth. They are the closest thing you can have to natural teeth. They can also be used to help stabilise dentures.

The Benefits

They are a long lasting permanent solution. They are almost unrecognisable from natural teeth and look very natural. They can also serve to help uncomfortable dentures and help secure them.

They are permanent solutions to missing teeth.

Chellaston Dental Practice is a modern well equipped state of the art dental practice. We use market leading implant systems that have a long history and a excellent success rate. They have been operating for over 30 years proving they are an excellent long term solution to replacing missing teeth.

Why Us?

Most  dentists place dental implants only work with one system. We decided that one system wasn’t adequate to solve all cases so we use 2 systems. We use Straumann and Neo Dent. There are cheaper systems available but we would never use those systems. We only use systems who have a proven successful track record.

We always look to find the best possible solution for all our patients. If we feel an implant is not the best solution for you we will always offer alternative solutions to fit your needs.


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